Marshfield is set in the South East corner of South Gloucershire. Like all communities it has a long history, a complex present and an uncertain future. The Localism Bill 2011 is intended to give more power to local communities to decide on their future. This Plan has been created to provide the opportunity for the people of Marshfield to influence that future for the common good. It has done so by examining what we have now and identifying where that is under threat, or growing and what we do not yet have but need. That information can be found by clicking on Plan Survey.

This analysis has led to a number of suggested courses of action which the Community is asked to consider and to express their opinion by clicking on Resident Views. Those actions that receive strong support will become part of the Action Plan. The progress of implementing these actions can be followed by clicking on Action Plan.

The objective is that the young of today will inherit an ever better place to live, work and play.

For more information about Marshfield, its history and the development of this and previous plans, click on the sections below:

(i) Reproduced by kind permission of South Gloucestershire Council Planning Department